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Jun 24, 2021

The most significant relocation in history of Slovakia – IBM is moving!

The most significant relocation in the history of office real estate is currently taking place in Slovakia. IBM is moving from four different buildings to a single purpose built one – Nové Apollo from the Slovak developer HB Reavis. The construction is expected to be finished in 2022 and the relocation is planned for the first half of 2023. The whole project in volume of 29-thousand square metres is supported by the real-estate consulting firm CBRE Slovakia with many years of experience in the field of office real estate, led by experts from the field of architecture, workplace strategies and project management.

Moving a business of such a scale has never been seen before in Slovakia and is significant even within the CEE region. „In terms of office real-estate, this is undoubtedly the largest relocation of offices in history of Slovakia. We are thrilled to utilize our many years of experience and make sure the project of such difficulty and complexity and is managed and executed with quality,” says Oliver Galata, Senior Director, Head of Office Agency, CBRE Slovakia.

The entire IBM relocation process was preceded by a detailed assessment of not only commercial parameters and business criteria, but also by a detailed analysis and evaluation of more than 200 technical requirements of the company, workplace guidelines or individual requirements for upcoming fit-out. This demanding process requires an experienced multidisciplinary team and plenty of time to help the investor make the right decision when choosing their future residence, being aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of the assessed sites. "I think it is important to emphasize the fact that IBM approached the entire project very responsibly and well in advance, which gave us the necessary space to develop a detailed overview and assess all relevant parameters. It turns out that the relocation on this scale needs to be addressed well in advance before expiration dates of lease contracts. The time reserve was fundamental and was reflected in the quality and detail of the entire operation. This was consequential about negotiating new lease terms, which requires considerable amounts manpower and time, especially when it comes to a project of this scale," says Tomáš Pecek, Associate Director, Head of Building Consultancy, CBRE Slovakia.

Following the set criteria, CBRE assessed each building and site. The next step was to analyse the strategy and its compliance with parameters of the building. Finally, projected costs of relocation and fit out were calculated. Before signing the contract, there had to be a guarantee that the chosen building would fulfil all the requirements across all scenarios.

Moreover, CBRE has developed a detailed „workplace strategy“ considering all materials, results of workshops, consultations, and interviews with the client. The strategy encompasses definitions of main zones, distribution of workplace, role designation of sites and designation of work typology, as well as spatial and functional viability, setting up of shared space, not forgetting about the rising importance of home office and making everything fit right in.