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The BUSINESS CENTER BRATISLAVA I building is situated at the Plynárenská-Prievozská intersection, providing very good accessibility by car, being a part of the office & commercial zone delineated by the Apollo I, II and BBC I-V buildings. BBC 1 offers a pleasant working environment in a classic style which can, however, be adapted to modern open spaces. Available to tenants are services provided by the building’s management team, including maintenance, security services and reception. The first tenants have been using the BBC1 building since 1999. BBC 1 is characteristic by its untraditional ground plan, being divided into two blocks. Block A is triangular in shape while Block B is cylindrical. The building offers to tenants 373 m2 of commercial premises and 7 260 m2 of office space. The premises are easily modifiable, starting with 30 m2 units. Some premises have their own service zones (kitchenette, hygiene facilities and technology rooms) while others have these facilities shared in the corridor. In 2008, a complete reconstruction of the canteen took place, which extended the floor area to 695 m2, offering a modern way to provide daily catering. The building features underground garage providing 56 parking lots while additional 58 parking lots are available in the neighbouring parking building.BBC I is well situated and directly located on the main road Prievozska Street in Bratislava. The Object is embedded in one of the most developing Business Center Districts in Bratislava.
Plynárenská 1, Bratislava II (Map) Available NOW
Comprehensive and comfortable technical background Simple and transparent layout allowing arbitrary adaptation and division into separately rentable units Energy performance rating G
Minimal office size / 45 m²
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Building name Floor Size Available Price
Blok A 1st floor 200 m² NOW 8.50-9.50 EUR / m² / month
Blok B 2nd floor 132 m² NOW 8.50-9.50 EUR / m² / month
Blok A 2nd floor 692 m² NOW 8.50-9.50 EUR / m² / month
Blok B 2nd floor 139 m² NOW 8.50-9.50 EUR / m² / month
Blok A 5th floor 783 m² NOW 8.50-9.50 EUR / m² / month
Blok A 6th floor 85 m² NOW 8.50-9.50 EUR / m² / month
Blok A 6th floor 304 m² NOW 8.50-9.50 EUR / m² / month
Blok B 8th floor 45 m² NOW 8.50-9.50 EUR / m² / month
Blok B 7th floor 188 m² NOW 8.50-9.50 EUR / m² / month

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