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Business Center Košice I reflects the high standard of technical and design criteria of the office market. Client-specific technological solutions, high-quality construction and a flexible building layout make BCK I an outstanding "business axis" for presenting your company. BCK I offers solutions for companies which are looking for high standard, comfortable and safe office spaces in Slovakia with flexible lease options. It doesn't matter how big or small you are, we can customize your office space to precisely match your business needs. We offer many different configurations for perfect customization. The building offers a high standard of technical and design criteria, a prestigious lobby + reception area, a security camera system, modern lifts, telephone and internet lines, an air conditioning system etc. BCK I is one of the most dominant features of Košice, the biggest city in Eastern Slovakia. BCK I is only a 5 minute walk from the historical part of Košice, with great transportation access and underground or surface parking places. Košice is located near major transportation hubs, such as highway D1 and international routes E50, E71 and E571. Košice International airport is only 10 min. by car. You can get there also by train directly from Prague, Budapest, Krakow and Vienna.

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Business Center Košice I

Štúrova 27, Košice I (Map) Available NOW
Three-storey underground parking Excellent accessibility Energy performance rating B
Minimal office size / 320 m²
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Building name Floor Size Available Price
B 1st floor 390 m² NOW 8.90 EUR / m² / month
A 2nd floor 530 m² NOW 8.90 EUR / m² / month
B 3rd floor 625 m² NOW 8.90 EUR / m² / month
B 4th floor 625 m² NOW 8.90 EUR / m² / month
C 6th floor 325 m² NOW 8.90 EUR / m² / month
B 9th floor 380 m² NOW 8.90 EUR / m² / month

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