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The building is situated in the centre of Bratislava. It is located in close proximity to the main train station. In 2006 the building underwent a complete reconstruction of the office space. It offers office space on 6 floors. 

Pražská 11, Bratislava I (Map) Available NOW
City center, proximity to the main train station Structured cabling, air conditioner, reception, lift Energy performance rating G
Minimal office size / 14 m²
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Floor Size Available Price
Ground Floor 20 m² in 5 months 11.00-11.50 EUR / m² / month
1st floor 123 m² NOW 9.00-9.50 EUR / m² / month
3rd floor 184 m² NOW 10.00-10.50 EUR / m² / month
3rd floor 81 m² NOW 9.50-10.00 EUR / m² / month
3rd floor 147 m² in 5 months 10.00-10.50 EUR / m² / month
5th floor 61 m² in 7 months 7.50-8.00 EUR / m² / month
6th floor 100 m² in 7 months 9.50-10.00 EUR / m² / month
6th floor 23 m² NOW 12.00-12.50 EUR / m² / month
6th floor 21 m² in 5 months 11.00-11.50 EUR / m² / month

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