We increased the occupancy of the shopping center from 70 to 98 %

OC Cassovia, Košice
Premises Size
8,000 sqm
Shopping center

We stabilized the shopping center

New strategy

98 %
+ 20 %
+ 30 %

What services we provided to the client

Each project is complex and we tailor all activities to it based on the client's needs.

  • Strategic retail consulting
  • Financing
  • Planning new floor plans and units
  • Exclusive sales mandate
  • Exclusive leasing

What challenges did we face

OC Cassovia, as the oldest shopping center in Košice, decided to change its position on the market: from a classic shopping center to a center providing complex services. This decision brought several challenges. Network tenants did not trust the project and the competition in the form of three other A-centres and two retail parks in Košice was significant. In addition, changes in the center began to take place in the middle of 2019, while the staffing took place directly during the COVID 19 pandemic.

How we helped the client

We collaborated with the owner on the complete reconstruction of 8,000 sqm of sales space. We helped OC Cassovia to acquire new tenants and create natural synergies in the center. We worked on setting up individual zones and secured interesting and attractive tenants who contributed to the new concept of the center. We also focused on renewing the interest of customers through new brands, modern design and optimal organization of operations. Thus, we reached an occupancy rate of up to 98 %.

How the client evaluates the cooperation

Ľudmila Alzate
Ľudmila AlzateManager OC Cassovia

Cooperation with partner CBRE is beneficial for OC Cassovia in the long term. At CBRE, I primarily value the knowledge of the retail market, the interest in knowing the object with which I work - its priorities and focus. So that the benefit is felt by everyone involved - tenant, landlord and last but not least the customer, for whom we do all this with passion.

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