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For tenants

Your company’s profitability is very strongly linked to the quality of your office space. The location, the functionality and the design of your offices influence not only your image, but also internal communication, as well as employee productivity, commitment and satisfaction. At CBRE, we can advise you on which type of office space is best for your company and help to find and negotiate a lease tailored to your needs. We boast with a team of reliable and independent professionals.

For investors

Our primary goal is to maximise the return on your real estate investment. We can advise you in each phase of your project's life cycle, whether it involves individual buildings or large office developments. At CBRE, we provide tailored solutions saving you time and costs across all phases of investment. We always provide impartial advice focused on technical, commercial and financial aspects. Thanks to our knowledge of the market and unparalleled portfolio of real estate services, we are in an ideal position to maximise your investments' value.

For developers

Technology advancements and new generation of employees are changing the way we work. The tenants' requirements are influenced by the growing importance of sustainability and energy efficiency and higher emphasis on employee comfort. At CBRE, we reflect these changes backed by our results. We are the leader on the local office space market. Our consultancy-led approach, technical and commercial expertise and focus on our clients' needs enables us to add maximum value to your office development and reconstructions.